Add Task

Create task(s) as a part of 'Upload Job'.

Each Job has one or more tasks to be executed in a specific order, as defined. Task is the smallest unit where command execution on Devices is defined. Every task will have its own Configuration Template and the Devices to RUN with Runtime object input. Each Task supports multiple command execution with multiple parameter substitutions at the same time for individual location devices. Every Task gets Device Credentials from User while creation.

Each task requires following inputs from User

  • Task Name
  • Task Description.
  • Task Owned By
  • Vendor
  • Task Name
  • Configuration Template (based on the vendor)
  • Device Group & IP Address
  • Navigation: 'Add Task' is a part of 'Add Upload Job'.

    Notes for Task
    • Task waiting Period will suspend the execution of the next Task execution until end of period and then the Task execution resumes.
    • If any particular task has failed, the task will execute it again based on the Retry count and interval before the dependent task execution.
    • If first task has failed, second task will get executed after the completing whole retry interval of previous task.
    • If a task has multiple IP(s) configured and at the time of execution, if any of the IP(s) fail, the next retry will happen only for the failed IP’s.
      • Job Details - Add details like Name, Description, Job Execution Widow etc.
      • Task Details - Add job related tasks, with commands.
      • Schedule Details - Add a Job Schedule.
      • Access Control - Select visibility of the job.