Add Device

Add devices manually on SecuRA.

Add Device operation will add a Single or Multiple Devices directly into SecuRA without going through SNMP Discovery. This operation is mainly followed by devices which do not support SNMP protocol.

Few critical Inventory information like Device Series, Model, System Contact, Location and Interfaces, Environment (hardware components), Topology will not be available for Device, if the devices are not added using SNMP protocol.

Navigation: Add Device is grouped under the Discovery icon on the left panel.

Notes for Adding a Device:
  • IP address(es) can be input be as a single Device management IP Address or as a list of Device Management IP Address separated by comma or semicolon or a single space or Device IP address(es) in CIDR format.
  • Select from the list of predefined Configuration Profiles which defines the commands to connect devices.
  • Ping: When enabled, SecuRA filters the PING response devices and sends the same for Discovery. If Ping is not enabled, SecuRA forwards all the Device IPs to be discovered through SNMP scan. Discovery might take a bit longer when PING is not enabled.
  • Device Credentials are basically the keys used by Infron Secura to reach the above mentioned device.
  • Check Device View Page for results.