Create & manage User Accounts.

User Account enables the administrator to create individual accounts, assign roles and enable role based privileges. Hence, it is mandatory to define Roles & Privileges and User Group before creating an account. A new user account will be in 'Disabled' status if not linked to a role and a group.

Navigation: User Account is grouped under icon on the left panel.

‘User Account’ module of SecuRA has been modified to enable ‘Hierarchy Level Approval’ privileges. It is also possible to mark an account as temporary by selecting the Start and End date under 'Temporary Account Period' (This is a SecuRA Pro Feature). This feature enables the administrator to create Temporary accounts to users for a selected period of time.

Username cannot be edited.
Notes for User Account:
  • Users can Add, Edit, Delete, Enable and Disable User Accounts using the action icons on the page.
  • It is possible to create customized Password Policy to individual user accounts.
  • If a specific device group has not been selected, the User will be able to access all the devices.
  • Select Default Landing page using the 'Start-in Page' field.
  • Use quick navigation icons to go to User Groups, Roles & Privileges, and Password Policy pages.
  • User report i.e the complete details of the user (General, Group, Device, Role and Privilege) can be viewed by clicking . Alternatively, click on the user name at the top panel, and select 'User Report'.

Apart from the User Account page, User Account (Menu) on Infraon SecuRA contains the below modules:

  • User Preferences enables the user to customize page views.
  • Logged-in user page displays details of users (Username, IP address, Email ID, Account Type, Session start time & Session time) currently logged on to SecuRA.
  • Change Password can be used by the user to change password. Captcha code will be enbled on this page based on selection on 'System Parameter'.