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  3. Infraon Story
In 2005, I started my career as a UX designer. A few years in, I was fiercely passionate about the little things that made a piece of software friendly and usable. Before working on the designs, I wanted to understand how the product works and what it could potentially do for the customer. I felt […]
  1. DEX
  2. Digital Employee Experience
Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is crucial today because the modern workplace is becoming increasingly digital. As businesses adopt new digital tools and systems to manage their operations, it is essential that employees have positive experiences with these tools. This is particularly important because employees spend a significant portion of their time at work using digital […]
  1. DEX
  2. Digital Employee Experience
 Building a culture of innovation with Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is akin to crafting a seamless transportation network within a bustling city. As efficient roads, bridges, and tunnels connect people and enable smooth movement, DEX connects employees to the tools, resources, and experiences that unlock the true spirit of innovation. It ensures that every digital […]
  1. Asset Management
  2. ITAM
Managing IT assets can be a challenging task for businesses of any size. Whether it’s hardware, software, or other technology resources, keeping track of everything and ensuring it is all up-to-date and functioning properly is essential to maintain a competitive edge. Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) software that helps organizations streamline their […]

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